About Tamojit

tamojitI have always strived either to find the finer emotional junctions between nature & human beings, personifying nature in all its myriad characters, within the comforts of its surroundings, to catch that certain moment of the day fleeting past which soothes the eyes and soul and conveys some untold story. To put it more simply, my landscapes have always carried different stories within their bosoms where the elements of nature have always played leading roles”, says Tamojit. Tamojit Bhattacharya, born in Uttarpara, Hoogly, is one of the finest upcoming artists (painter/ concept designer) of India today from West Bengal. Not only has he developed a forte for painting patterns and forms, but has also successfully experimented with a whole new form as well as speculations of painting and various other fields.

Surprisingly, painting has always created restiveness in him. Since his early childhood days, whenever he gazed at a painting, this unknown emotional stir has been a constant companion. Far from subsiding, this fractious feeling grew manifold with age. However, this restlessness never posed a barrier between him and the paintings; rather, they excited and provoked his thoughts.

This, as the painter mentions, what he would call as the initial stage of interest, has taken a long period of his life to surface, to reveal to him the true inner meaning or to bring forth an answer from within his soul. He is thankful to god and nature for this special gift of cognizance of the unknown, the untold, a powerful yet hidden weapon, and for the hunger within him.

It has thus been his constant endeavor to bring out this hunger in the form of various wonderful creations, his paintings. His craving for satisfaction of his creative impulse has been through newer inventions, techniques and modes of creating things unlike the then painting forms and patterns. His tireless experimentation has led to the invention of an entire new form which resonates with his dreams and visualizations, exhilaration akin to the tender touch of a new born which delights and satiates him. His constant dissatisfaction with the present stand and stagnancy in a mundane world has been the main driving force behind his creative hunger. His journey, started long back has now lent a maturity to him as he immerses himself in his creations. He creates different stories that merge seamlessly and yet retain their individual flavor

But like all great creators, he pushes himself beyond the limits of self actualization and believes that it’s still a long way to go before he can finally kiss the zenith. The birth of each new painting is a stepping stone that brings him closer to this confluence.

Apart from being a descendant of (late) Sri. Bijan Chowdhury (Ex principal of Indian College of arts and draftsmanship), Tamojit came in contact with various maestros within his field of expertise as well as other fields of creativity. However, he is a self taught painter and firmly believes in the natural process of learning and training relying on the power of his intuitive mind, his vision and his eyes, ample proof of which are evident from his drafted imaginations, his paintings.
The main two formats in which he dabbles are landscapes with their own characteristics & thematic figurative / subjective in his own form. .Apart from landscapes he also experiments on conceptual figurative & non-figurative works with deep inner meanings and puns.

While criticizing his paintings, the late Shri Bijan Chowdhury has very importantly identified his experimentation and that “he is about to achieve a new style of his own and a new behavior in his creations”. While the renowned art critic Shri Nanak Ganguli has waxed eloquent, describing Tamojit’s paintings. In his own words: “his language represents an immense shift in our sensibility; the intensities of the sensation are more acute since the visual field is organized on the basis of Bhattacharya’s intensity, romanticism and of the way they are painted provide a celebratory transcendence of the subject matter. How does one wade across these somnolent sloughs, the sparse and effusive grounds where all our leads are buried? Along with the modernist techniques he foregrounds other devices to celebrate the surface, illuminating, inexorably bringing to life, tending a surface he fears might dull.” He then goes on to describe the idea in Tamojit’s paintings and the thought process of the artist, and describes the struggle in his creations: “He is not concerned with the problem between relations in the painted space rather the active and neutral elements amidst opposite markers. His idea in this present series done in acrylic on paper board is to define an opposition and control the tension in his painting through space, matrices, images and colour to bring out a crisis, established by a gesture and holding such elements on check. It was born from another struggle within the self while decided to abjure from the narrative exuding a grace and harmony. Any attempt to read sensitivity or sympathy into such likeness would be like aims to convince the viewer that his art and obsessions are the same and bludgeon others to an agreement enabling us to hurtle free of longer real and art practice the referential sphere of the real and the imaginary”.

11158987_10153109590280935_558716471_oNot only his own paintings, he has forayed into other arenas and is also attached with JAAROK, another brain child, as a concept designer. JAAROK is associated with the process of nurturing as well as exploring fresh art forms of Indian tribal groups and fusing them to create a whole new breed of designer masks, sculptures, murals, ornaments etc. besides making its presence felt in interior designing and multimedia works on a global scale. The main concept behind this thought process is: “Think globally, act locally.” An ingenious way to let the world know about the richness of our tribal culture and their contribution to the Indian art form. The main part of his interest in these pieces is that these creations are truly unique and brought together under the same sky as per JAAROK’s commitment.

This is the manifold talent of Tamojit, a painter, a concept designer, an entrepreneur, a true empathizer of all that is original and creative, and like all great minds who believe in seeking answers through creating them, he not only creates, but also believes in letting others bring their creativity to the forefront through innovation and uniqueness that is very much his own. A seamless merger of individuality and fusion while retaining each flavor, at its creative best.