Journey Till Date

Apart from being a descendant of (late)Sri. Bijan Chowdhury (Ex principal of Indian College of arts and draftsmanship), Tamojit came in contact of various creators and personalities of own & other sectors. Still he believes in the natural process of learning and training and in keeping full faith of his matured eyes and one of the greatest treasures he have . his mind & power of visualization which is eminent from the examples of his drafted imaginations , his paintings. He is a Self taught Painter. The painter was born in 18th July 1980 at Hooghly. Since his child hood the main driver factor, which once have intended him to this domain and continuing whipping till now is his dissatisfaction with present stand and stagnancy. He is a man of creation and having his journey, started form long back, towards more and more maturity with his mysterious experiments on human minds and landscapes. His stories within the frames. If we have a look to his journey till now.

Solo Exhibition:

01. at Gaganendra Pradarshan Shala, 2009.
02. at Hotel Hindustan International, sponsored by CAF, 2010.
03. at Chrome, 2010.
04. at Bengal Studio, 2011.
05. at Taj Bengal, 2011.
06. at Taj Bengal, 2012.
07. at Crafity Art Gallery, sponsored by Crafity, 2013.
08. at Academy Of Fine Arts, 2013
09. At Taj Bengal, 2014

Group Exhibition:

01.At Bengal Club, sponsored by CAPS, 2004.
02. At Genesis Art Gallery, 2005.
03. At Samakal Art Gallery, 2007.
04. At Gorky Sadan, 2009.
05. At Gallery 52D, 2010.
06. At Gaganendra Pradarshan Shala, sponsored by Jaarok, 2010.
07. At HHI, sponsored by City Art Factory, 2010.
08. At Colours of Bengal, Pune, 2011.
09. At Birla Academy of Art & Culture, sponsored by ASPECTS, 2011.
10. At Chemould Art Gallery, Sreejan exhibition, 2011.
11. At Colours of Bengal, Pune, 2012.
12. At Academy of Fine Arts , May, 2012
13. At Birla Academy, Sreejan Annual, 2012
14. At Chemould , 101 Miniatures , 2012
15. At Academy Of Fine Arts, Linier Quintet, 2012.
16. At Silver Spring, sponsored by Coluorentice, 2012.
17. At Nagpur, sponsored by Colourentice, 2013.
18. At Goa, Sponsored by Colourentice, 2013.
20. 101 miniature group show, academy,2013
21. Colourentice show, Hyderabad, 2014.

Art Camps:

01. at Thanthania Rajbati- organized by . Prachin Kala Kendra., 2005.
02. at Asutosh Centenary Hall- organized by G.C.Laha, 2006.
03. at Baranagar Little Magazine Kendra- organized by .Jaarok., 2006.
04. at Hooghly Book Fair- organized by Hooghly Aravinda Ashram, 2007.
05. at INFAC, 2007.
06. at Uttarpara Public Library.organized by Bengal Studio,2009 & 2010.
07. at Bharatiya Chitra Kala Parishad, Belgharia, 2010 & 2011.
08. at Barrackpur, Palta, organized by Palta Sarbojonin Club, 2012.
09. at Uttarpara Public Library- organized by Gana Natya Sangha, 2013.


01. Best Young Conceptual Painter Award from India, organized by Toons Webel Academy, 2004.
02. Best Conceptual Landscape Painter Award among young artists, 2009.
03. Best Thematic Painter Award, Given by National Tax Forum, 2010.


United Kingdom, Ireland, Glasgow
Bangladesh, Korea, Dubai, Japan
United States of America &
Different places (personal collections) in India.