Like each moment has a different story to narrate, Tamojit’s landscapes have their own unique tales to unfold to the viewers. On his canvas, each element of nature plays a vital role which relays a different account if viewed in totality ,while retaining an individual flavor of their own story if viewed discretely. These paintings stand out in the sense that there is an ease of flow in the way they are thought or made to be thought of, like a river, or like the wind, alluring and tempting in each and every way. Sometimes they portray a harsh reality and sometimes, these landscapes transcend the real world and escape into fantasy land lending a different language and charm which is another esoteric tale in its own right. The technique used for painting such landscapes lends even more novelty to such an environment. Tamojit’s landscapes are thus, unique, as natural as nature itself and depict a style that is his very own.