The New Invention To The World


The most interesting and unique thing that is being presented by Tamojit, his own invention and a gift to the world, is the use of different small canvases to create an entire painting. Not only a painting, these canvases give birth to fascinating stories. The uniqueness of his creation does not end here. The arrangement of these small canvases can be changed everyday to create different stories that also break the monotony of the painting. However, that does not compromise the colour flow or the meaning of the creation. The re arrangements open up different facets of the same story, different angles of the same creation can be discovered. The best part is, however, that each small canvas is a mini tale in itself. Complete and comprehensive, they uphold the integrity of the total story while creating unique ideas and new found directions. They can even be disintegrated and displayed separately in different rooms or in different corners. A wonderful freedom for the owner of the paintings or the viewer to apply his/her own mind and recreate tales and infuse one’s own creativity to the entire set of canvases and yet retain the creator’s creation. Something that might have never been done before, never been heard before. Something that makes a talent stand out among many others in the crowd. This is definitely, one such brilliant invention from the master painter that will make the world sit up and notice.