Puja Offer: Idol of Mother Goddess

Puja Offer: Idol of Mother Goddess

All of us who are nationally or internationally connected with Jarok as members or buyers, know that Jaa Rokrok stands for individually creating every mask, statue or mural and enriching them with regional art forms, leveraging the skill and talent of regional artisans (pan India)- and then letting go of the pattern or form used. This is to ensure that no two creations are identical. Each creation will be unique- and exclusive to the owner of that artwork. There will be no second or duplicate rendition, no matter how many requests are made.

This idol of Mother Goddess is one such unique rendition- a creation rich in imagination and skill. It is a little above 2 feet high, about 1 feet wide, and is three-dimensional. It is composed of three wooden parts that can be disassembled. It has been painted using acrylic. Additional works using Gurjari, Aipan as well as Bishnupada art forms, adorn the creation.

The entire creation has been conceptualized and brought to life by me. That is why I am so confident of this child of mine. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that there is a special Puja offer on this idol.

The offer is valid only till Doshomi(Dusserah). Price- 10,000Rs – Offer- Discount 40%- Available at 6000Rs till Dusserah. Shipment charges are not included, though.

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