I got to know about Tamojit by first looking at his work, which I chanced upon in the internet. They had this captivating quality, where I had to keep on coming back to look at them again and again. The works obviously looked fantastic, the compositions correct, interpretations unique, well balanced colors. But I realized that it’s just not that, I had to come back to them because subconsciously I was trying to find meaning, to understand what is being shown, depicted, and interpreted. Just look at his windows, which you will find in many of his works, and you will pause even looking at such a normal thing. Look at the eyes he paints, and you will see a mature, a bit jaded pair, which seems to be dispassionately observing the happenings around, and having a sarcastic smirk inside.
You will probably find Tamojit a bit similar in his manner, along with a sharp mind with a dollop of wit and sarcasm, but he still retains a childlike innocent charm. And that contradiction probably makes him and his work quite intriguing. I am quite confident that material success will not elude him, and I am also confident that it will not change his fundamental being. Try knowing him, am sure you will find one more interesting chap in the world worth knowing.
Mr. Aruni Ghosh
Manager, MRCI, Philip Morris International, Hong Kong

After a long time, saw something new at the Academy. Canvases pulsating with energy and light. Shadows in still, limpid pools. Moonlight reflected in all its pristine silver glory and the thing that really stands out –the tactile nature of the paintings. Extremely painstaking craft seen in each and every painting. This is very good and very nice. The influence of van Gogh is palpable but the language is clearly different and unique. I really liked works of Tamojit Bhattacharyaand would be strongly recommending my friends and all to look up this new and unique voice in the increasingly dull cacophony of figurative and other arts seen nowadays.

Pankaj Singh
Deputy General Manager, Eastern Railway Kolkata

I have seen the recent works & exhibition of Tamojit Bhattacharya at ‘Promenade’ sponsored by Taj Bengal. The important part is he is experimenting well with his paintings and about to achieve his own style & a new behaviour in his creations.

I deeply wish his success in painting ahead and life.

Bijan Chowdhury
(Late) Bijan Chowdhury
Painting Maestro & Ex Principal of Indian college of Arts & Draftmansship

” I don’t know much about the nuances of art but Tamojit’s painting fascinate may, i feel like looking back at them time and again. A special style of lines within the pictures gives it a touch of nature …..his colors damp yet so bright…the themes chosen sometimes very ordinary a window, cloth line …..yet they just tell a story.Wish him all the best…..”

jaya bhattacherjee
Jaya Bhattacharjee
Assistant Registrar, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

Tamojit Bhattacharya – Fine Artist

I met Tamojit Bhattacharya at the Taj Hotel, in Calcutta. The lounge was adorned with exceptionally beautiful paintings that drew me instantly. Tamojit’s sensitivity, his spiritual grandeur, his extravagant sense of colors and his bold unconventional style of painting are captured in every canvas that defines his art. Tamojit is extremely talented and an equally ambitious personality. I like his passion and his drive to make his art his life.

Tamojit’s paintings adorn the walls of my house and bring warmth and spiritual delight in the homes of many others. I would recommend his art to the world.

Priya Kumar
Award winning author of several bestselling titles. Owner of Priya Kumar’s training systems.

The painting creates the illusion of holding the reins of the chariot.Hence the ‘CHARIOTEER ‘ here, not only is the controller of it,,but it’s destiny..perhaps there is a tender similarity between the Charioteer n the Almighty.The apparently moving eyes depict multiple thoughts, formation of dreams n unworldly influence.There is no denying the fact that it’s a brilliant rendition of the omnipresent.

Chandroma Saha
Chandroma Saha
Director, Saha Steel . CEO, S.Shaha & Co., Managing Director, Srinanda Builders . National Chairperson, Women's Wing, Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India

Tamojit’s paintings arrest my attention in a unique way that the brush strokes and the texture that arises out of them are one of a kind, narrating fluid stories in a static canvas with an ease that is both effortless and complex at the same time. There is a set of a story,and a subset of many stories all woven with a finesse that is only possible when a master is at work. When You possess his painting ,you actually own some timeless stories that are as old and as classy as life itself.

Shruti Goswami
Translator of Emotional Pearls of Feelings and Wisdom

Tamojit stresses on the pulse of vitality. He tries to emanate life out of every stroke. It gathers a new meaning in the way it can live the moment

Debdutta Gupta
Art Historian

“The ‘Wing Factory’ is a heart wrenching, symphony of colours, like a finely woven tapestry, it reflects the young artist who is wise beyond his age .when I first saw the painting my heart skipped a beat, Tamojit is surely an artist whose wings are being crafted in ‘The Wing Factory’ ! He is getting ready to fly!”

Amrita Nakai
Amateur Photographer

In the domain of Tamojit Bhattacharya’s painting, his language represents an immense shift in our sensibility; the intensities of the sensation are more acute since the visual field is organized on the basis of Bhattacharya’s intensity, romanticism and of the way the are painted provide a celebratory transcendence of the subject matter. How dues one wade across these somnolent sloughs, the sparse and effusive grounds where all our leads are buried?

Along with the modernist techniques he foregrounds other devices to celebrate the surface, illuminating, inexorably bringing to life, tending a surface he fears might dull.

He is not concerned with the problem between relations in the painted space rather the active and neutral element amidst opposite makers. His idea in this present series done in acrylic on paper board is to define an opposition and control the tension  in his maintain through space, matrices, images and colour to bring out a crisis, established by a gesture and holding such elements on check. It was born from another struggle within the self while decided to abjure from the narrative exuding a grace and harmony. Any attempt to read sensitivity or sympathy into such likeness would be like aims to convince the viewer that his art and obsessions are the same and bludgeon others to an agreement enabling us to hurtle free of longer real and art practice the referential sphere of the real and the imaginary

Nayak Ganguly
Nanak Ganguly
Renowned Art Critic